Type of car:
Who, what, how will you drive and how many miles a year?


How will you pay: 

  • Finance?  What is your credit score?  Before you go further and print, click to get score.
  • Cash? is this check, green bills, credit card (this costs the vendor 3% or more, so this may not be an option). Over 10K can be reported (see rule: Form 8300) you can access via IRS
  • Lease? *Read Pros and cons.
  • Know your budget and payment:

Get this calculator under resources to calculate payment.

What to bring:

      • License (current and valid)
      • Down payment if using one or payment.  Check or Certified check is best.
      • Copy of current insurance (full coverage in most cases)
      • Copy of a utility bill, lease agreement or contract, with your current address on it. (this is important, DMV and banks need actual address, not PO Box) *See address rules.
      • Current, last 45 days paystub and or tax returns if self-employed. Financing can be difficult, be prepared and patient.
      • Copy of your current credit report if you have; explained in the expanded version. (Get Transunion, Equifax, Experian free)

Snack and water in case the deal takes longer than expected… (it always does). If you have kids, plan around school, sitter, or play date. (more than a few hours, this can take time a lot less if you follow my blog advise).

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