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In California you will encounter many interesting things, especially with DMV.

There are a few forms that you may need.

Form: DMV 14

Change of address, DMV and your lending institution wants to know where your car is garaged.  If you are in a rural area and need a P.O. Box and your zip code is different, you will need to file this as well.


Form: Notice of transfer and release of liability

This is an important one.  If you sell a car, you do not want to be sent bills, tickets, notices, or insurance claims for a car you no longer own.  Most forms are on the website for each state.

The transfer removes this car out of your name and title.

When moving between states, refer to the states involved.

Form: Change of name/ Statement of facts

        This is important when newly married, or when changing name back to an old name.

Statement of facts covers a few things.

  • Tax exemption
  • Smog exemption
  • Transfer of a title
  • Window decal for a wheelchair
  • Vehicle body change


Form: Reg 343 (Out of state vehicles)

Checklist are usually on the DMV website, if you are buying a New car in California and taking it to Nevada, you will need a certificate of title, this is handled by the dealer in most cases. An MSO Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin.  This form can take time and you may need a temporary registration until this arrives issued by your state of residence, where the car will reside. 

State list and link to

Department of Motor Vehicles



This is a free link to a USA free driving test



A book that all women should read.  Patrice Banks calls herself a “shecanic” she goes over myths about maintenance and care for car, she gives tips and what to watch for when taking your car to the shop. 

Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide,                                                                           
by: Patrice Banks 


Paula Brown

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