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With 20 plus years of experience in the field of car sales and finance, my mission is to make the car purchasing and selling experience as easy as ABC.

I aim to treat each and every one of my customers or casual advice seekers with respect and value. You are not another number to me. I take pride in imparting my knowledge on the average car purchaser or seller to avoid the pitfalls of the business, save money, and get the best results!

In meeting with me, I will give you answers the the questions I get from customers in the office everyday. I am always happy to address any questions you have that are specific to your goals to the best of my ability. You deserve the chance to meet your financial goals, avoid tricks in the business, and walk away with the car of your dreams.

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Paula Brown, Founder - Queen of the Car Deal

Paula Brown
Founder, Queen of the Car Deal

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What you will gain:
Confidence in the information you have to make the best decision for you.
What to expect when purchasing or selling a vehicle logistically, and from the sales representatives.

Negotiation tools to get the best deal for YOU.



Queen of the car deal topics range from how to buy to how to sell a car, what financing is best for you.  What products are great to carry in your car, what insurance, what to do if your car is totaled.

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Here’s what people are saying…

Paula, I wanted to thank you for all the information you gave me.  I came into your office with such trepidation based on a few past experiences that left a bad impression for the whole process of buying a car.  You answered all my questions I am sure some of them seemed silly, however you did not let on and answered each as if they were as important to as they were to me.  Thank you, I am loving my new Honda and I will pass your information on to all my gal pals.   Blessings to you and yours-

J. Jones


My wife and I were very happy to have met you, thank you for all your kindness.  Being older and wanting to make sure that if anything happened to either one of us and that the other would have little unnecessary concerns was important to us, I was pleasantly pleased how open and knowledgeable about the guidelines and how easily you shared this information.  We did not feel a burden or rushed, we did not feel pressured in anyway.

Thank you again, and give our thanks to Fred as well, he was a great salesman.

JP. Kenny

Paula-Wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I love my new (new to me) car, I have named her “Jewels” goofy I know! So thank you for the advise of the warranty, I was visiting friends out of town and my starter went out, I was able to get it towed to a dealer down here and they arranged the rental car, so I enjoyed my weekend and come monday my car was ready, it was easy and I am so glad I had it.  On a side not I am doing the every two week payment thing you taught me, loving it!

Marney K.

Paula,  I am so happy to see this website is up and it looks great!

You helped me 2 years ago, I will never forget your advice, I appreciate all that you did and the extension of friendship as well.

Do not forget about me when this site blows up:)



Hello, I found your website.  You had just published, thank you for answering my questions without meeting me or charging me.

I will pass this information on to every women I know and a few men.

Thank you again,


Kelly Johnson, Intel

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